A Revolution of Free Will

I am working hard to promote the message of love. The simple act of choosing love, with our free wills, can manifest a higher frequency of love, peace and harmony, perhaps someday changing us, and our world, for the better. Some can argue, how can we know we have free will; indeed it is a subject for philosophical debate. But in the end it doesn’t matter; within the illusion of our reality, we can still choose love. And because for some this simple act may be so contrary to the way we are taught to live in this selfish, consumer-driven society, I call it revolutionary. Forgive, turn the other cheek, and love your enemies. This seemingly impossible task will transform your life, your very consciousness and ability to perceive. This is what it truly means to ‘Surf the Tao’. To ride the wave, the swell of love, in each moment, and not be swayed by anything negative or attempt to reroute the ‘Flow’, is what it means to be ‘enlightened.’ Save yourself, and the world, by joining the silent, internal revolution of free will. What would our world be like? Choosing love sounds easy, But how many of us do it every moment? And if we all did, What would our world be like? We can’t control other people Just how we react to them The hardest thing we’ll ever do Is forgive someone who doesn’t deserve it. This doesn’t absolve their guilt… It just takes it out of our hands. And frees our minds and spirits For other things. To truly save our world We must all dig deep within ourselves The ultimate truths are not in a book They are asleep along with our spirits. We all create our own reality. We can either to choose to walk in love Or not. It’s too bad the simplest things Can also be the most difficult.

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