Personality Types

There is a discussion at the Tea House about personality types I found interesting. I tested out as an INFP, which is Introverted, iNtuitive, Feeling, Perceiving - as did many others there. I figure like is attracted to like. "Most people describe them as having an "otherworldly" quality. They are almost instinctively pulled toward the mystical and the spiritual, and they are intensely private, which gives them a dark, mysterious aura. INFPs think on an epic scale, particularly with regards to Good vs. Evil." If you want to take the free personality test, check out http://www.sixteenflavors.com/typetest.php or click on the link above. On a similar note (for all you geeks out there), find out which Star Wars character you are! I was Padme. Check out http://atta.sinfree.net/quiz.html.


ablokecalledbloke said...

I came out as an INTJ, Introvert, Intuitive, Thinking, Judging.

I did the Star Wars test as well and came out as Qui-Gon:

"You're very in touch with nature and greatly value living things, even the more inferior creatures. Your calm demeanor is admired by many and you don't sweat the small stuff and things you can't change. You're kind, quiet, and strong."

Sitara said...

I came out ENFJ, Extrovert71%, iNtuitive 40%, Feeling 79%, Judging 28%.

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